What We Do

Awareness, Advocacy, and Action

IHC Global carries out its mission by raising awareness of urban and peri-urban issues, advocating and informing adequate urban policies at a global, national, and local level, and developing knowledge and best practices through on the ground programs.


Analysis and solutions


Dissemination and systems change


Hands-on assistance

We implement these practices with Policies and Solutions


IHC Global is a leading voice and a catalyst on behalf of equitable urban development, influencing policy makers and practitioners, using its convening power and broad global network. The path to greater prosperity, equity and equality in cities requires an effective, comprehensive governmental policy framework that provides gateways to opportunity for all residents and focuses on actionable, practical approaches. IHC Global’s policy work focuses on advancing this framework at the global, national, and local level.

A comprehensive governmental policy framework consists of planning and policies that foster citizen engagement and widespread economic opportunity, and take into account the interdependence of urban structures. IHC Global’s “ideal” policy framework is:

  • A housing delivery system attuned to affordability and the overall market;
  • Formalized land and property markets secured by tenure property rights;
  • Equitable access to basic services of water, sanitation, education, health and supportive of the Global Goal on cities (SDG 11) and the New Urban Agenda (NUA);
  • Partnerships and engagement of private sector, civil society and non-profits, and local and national governments for implementation.


IHC Global provides and disseminates practical approaches, including targeted policy advice and technical assistance; training and support of institution building; and advocacy. IHC Global:

  • Shares good practice and promising models through its website, seminars, and on the ground programs;
  • Makes research accessible for policy makers and actionable by practitioners;
  • Promotes innovative solutions through new applications for technology and partnerships that draw on private sector and civil society.