IHC Global has partnered with AREA-Uganda and Makerere University to measure and promote women’s participation in property markets in Uganda, as well as raise awareness about women’s property and land rights more broadly. Property and land rights play a critical role in securing women’s economic empowerment in both the countryside and the city. Data shows that secure property and land rights can reduce domestic violence, enhance the well-being of the family, and increase economic prosperity. In Uganda, laws exist to protect the land and property rights of women, however, cultural practices, customary tenure, high levels of informality remain key detriments to women realizing their rights.

IHC Global’s property rights work in Uganda has so far comprised two interrelated programs. The first used the International Property Market Scorecard tool to assess property markets and housing rights through a gender equity lens in Uganda. The second employed a theater for development approach to raise awareness about women’s property and land rights in Uganda. When put together, both projects are key in promoting Sustainable Development Goal 1 (Eradication of Poverty) and Goal 5 (Gender Equality). 


IHC Global President and CEO Judith Hermanson speaks on the new IHC Global initiative, Using Data to Support Women’s Rights: Property Markets and Housing Rights through a Gender Equity Lens, at the United Nations High Level Panel Forum Partnership Exchange on July 17th, 2017.

  IHC Global’s property rights work in Uganda has so far comprised two interrelated programs. The first brought the International Property Scorecard – a property market assessment tool developed by the International Real Property Foundation and the Center for International Private Enterprise – to Uganda, to assess the economic, social, and legal experiences of women with regards to property markets and housing. The International Property Markets Scorecard measures six core elements necessary for sustainable property market development: property right laws and enforcement; access to credit; efficiency of governance; rational dispute resolution; financial transparency; and appropriate regulations. IHC Global partner AREA-Uganda was key in facilitating the property market assessment. AREA-Uganda is an association that works to strengthen the real estate sector in Uganda by advancing professional standards, transparent practices, and a code of professional ethics.

The second program piloted a “theater for development” approach that raised issues about women’s ability to exercise their property rights in an accessible, relatable, and non-confrontational way. IHC Global commissioned and partnered with Makerere University Department of Performing Arts and Film to produce the 30- minute play “In Pursuit of Fairness.” Department of Performing Arts and Film students wrote and performed in the play. A community forum followed the production which allowed audience members to discuss the issues raised.



  • February 2020: IHC Global hosted the panel, “Property Rights, Context, and Culture,” at World Urban Forum 10 where IHC Global President/CEO Judith Hermanson presented the IHC Global property rights pilot.
  • March 2019: IHC Global President and CEO Judith Hermanson presented: “Storytelling: A Powerful Strategy to Increase Women’s Access to Land/Property Rights in Uganda and Beyond” at the 2019 World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty.
  • September 2019: In partnership with the Department of Performing Arts and Film at Makerere University, IHC Global commissioned and produced the 30-minute play, “In Pursuit of Fairness.” The 368 audience members attended an interactive community forum following the play to dialogue about the issues the production raised.
  • March 2018: IHC Global Senior Director for Practice, Sylvia Luchini presented IHC Global’s work on advancing women’s property rights in Uganda through the International Property Scorecard Market tool at the 2018 World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty conference in a session on “Creating Momentum for Land Policy Change.”
  • March 2018: IHC Global adapted the International Property Scorecard Market tool to assess the inclusion of women in property markets in Uganda and used insight provided by the knowledge exchange.
  • November 2017: IHC Global conducted a Knowledge Exchange and completed a Field Assessment in partnership with AREA-Uganda that brought together 30 participants in Kampala from the real estate community, civil society organizations, the private sector, grassroots organizations, the legal sector and academia.
  • July 2017: IHC Global launched the initiative at the Partnership Exchange of the UN High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.