In a new initiative, IHC Global and AREA-Uganda aim to bring the private sector and civil society together to measure women’s participation in property markets in Uganda, and to promote Sustainable Development Goals 1 (eradication of poverty) and 5 (gender equality).
IHC Global President and CEO Judith Hermanson speaks on the new IHC Global initiative, Using Data to Support Womens Rights: Property Markets and Housing Rights through a Gender Equity Lens, at the United Nations High Level Panel Forum Partnership Exchange on July 17th, 2017.


The Partners

IHC Global is a membership coalition formed from the merger between the International Housing Coalition and the International Real Property Foundation (IRPF), two organizations with a 25-year long complementary history. IHC Global is committed to promoting inclusive and sustainable cities through policy, advocacy, solution-oriented research and education, with an added focus on creating equitable property markets worldwide.

AREA-Uganda is an association that works to strengthen the real estate sector in Uganda by advancing professional standards, transparent practices and a code of professional ethics. In 2015, with support from IRPF, AREA-Uganda formed a Women’s Council to empower women to exercise their potential as entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

Together, IHC Global and AREA-Uganda will bring the International Property Scorecard– a property market assessment tool developed by IRPF and the Center for International Private Enterprise– to Uganda, to assess the economic, social and legal experiences of women with regards to property markets and housing.

The International Property Markets Scorecard

The IPMS is a diagnostic tool that has been utilized in over 30 countries to analyze property market conditions and identify areas for reform. The Scorecard measures six core elements necessary for sustainable property market development:

1. Property rights laws and enforcement
2. Access to credit
3. Efficiency of governance
4. Rational dispute resolution
5. Financial transparency
6. Appropriate regulations.

The Program

Introduction– July 2017: The initiative will be introduced at the Partnership Exchange of the UN High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.

Knowledge Exchange- November 2017: IHC Global and AREA-Uganda will gather project implementers and representatives from local communities to discuss the economic, legal, and social experiences of women with regards to property rights and housing.

Scorecard Adaptation and Assessment- March 2018: The International Property Market Scorecard tool will be adapted to assess inclusion of women in property markets, utilizing insight gleaned from knowledge exchange.

Awareness and Education Campaign- June 2018: IHC Global will launch a campaign to raise awareness and spread information to communities in Uganda—specifically women—regarding their housing and property rights and opportunities.

For more information about the program, please visit our page on the Partnerships for SDGs website here.