In an exciting new project, IHC Global aims to track investments related to SDG 11 and the IHC Global’s policy priorities through gathering information and data on urban projects funded through major international financial institutions.
Credit: Landesa


Tracking past investments

Although the global call to action on the sustainable cities was recognized at the UN in 2016 through SDG11, urban space has always been part of the interests of the development banks. IHC Global desires to synthesize data and information on the past and current urban development projects from these banks to provide a bigger picture on where the investment is going, the size of the investment, and the related SDG11 targets. The database will help our members to look at the historic trends and patterns in urban investments.

Future Strategies

Each development bank has country strategies that describes the bank’s 4-5 year plan in the respective member country. IHC Global aims to speculate future urban investments by gathering information on the development priorities of each country and strategic plans related to urban issues. This can add value to our members who are looking for opportunities in the future by assisting them on strategizing geographical and topical focus.

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