IHC Global is committed to promoting ethical real estate markets. We strive to improve market systems and the abilities of individuals to operate effectively and ethically in these markets. In sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Balkans, IHC Global has implemented real-estate training programs that help formalize real estate systems and property markets and investing in people’s skills, mindsets, and knowledge.

Real estate systems support accountable financial practices and institutions such as those governing land registration and property ownership. Formal property markets, efficient real estate transactions, and ethical and capable agents all contribute to lessening corruption and increasing transparency in societies. Here are some of our recent projects:

Supporting Ethical Real Estate Transactions: In emerging economies, unregistered land or unclear land titles are a challenge and can become a source of conflict for real estate agents seeking to facilitate buyer-seller transactions. In Tanzania, IHC Global developed a tool and implemented a training to guide realtors through legal requirements in the case of unregistered titles.

Increasing Economic Opportunities through Training and Leadership: IHC Global provides culturally and professionally tailored courses to enhance leadership and effectiveness. In Uganda, IHC Global adapted its trainings to enable real estate leaders and game changers to address organizational challenges arising from growth and transition.  In Ghana and Nigeria, an IHC Global course provided the cultural, economic, and market knowledge necessary to establish a global real estate practice through an overview of the IHC Global International Property Rights Scorecard.  In Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, IHC Global provided training on increasing income-generating activity which inspired participants to reinvigorate advocacy efforts for a Licensing Law in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

 Empowering Women with Real Estate Knowledge: Women around in developing and developed economies are underrepresented in professions such as real estate and even when they participate, they are still underrepresented in leadership levels. IHC Global works closely with Real Estate Women Councils in Uganda and Serbia to help women increase their effectiveness as agents and develop leadership skills.