With “Smart City. Just City.” IHC Global  strives to bring the rising tide of urban data, technology, and efficiency together with the movement to increase inclusiveness and equity in cities. 
What is a Smart City?
  1. A city that uses current and collects new urban data from a combination of information and communication technology (ICT) and Internet of Things (IoT);
  2. A city that revolutionizes public functions such as transportation systems, power, water waste management and law enforcement through technological development;
  3. A city that responds to common urban challenges through new methods developed by data analysis;
  4. A city that partners with leaders of the tech sector to improve efficiency, management and governance of cities.
What is a Just City?
  1. A city that has a vision and commitment to justice and more equitable approaches in urban society;
  2. A city that is focused on better access to institutions, services and infrastructure for all;
  3. A city that requires opportunity for good jobs for everyone;
  4. A city that includes affordable housing, adequate investment in public services and fair taxes and charges;
  5. A city that unifies its communities through broad understanding and ownership of strategies.

Cities worldwide are becoming “smarter” every day. But in order to succeed, they need to become just as inclusive.

What is the main objective?
Urban and tech experts discuss how to use data to support urban development at an IHC Global roundtable.

The objective of the Smart City, Just City initiative is to develop and advance a policy framework that uses smart city techniques to attain a ‘just city’ vision of an equitable, inclusive, and participatory urban reality.  Its outcome will be two-fold:

1)To provide a policy framework that aids in the intentional use of an equity lens when using data and technology driven solutions, and

2) To test the framework in selected cities through pilot projects at the municipal level.

What are our goals?
  • Raise awareness of synergies between the Smart City and Just City
  • Bring together Smart City and Just City leaders, proponents, and implementers to share and expand knowledge of how to work together to advance goals
  • Research and advocate for policy solutions that jointly pursue Smart City and Just City goals
  • Design pilot activities at a municipal level
What's the plan?
IHC Global presents “Smart City. Just City.” at WUF9.

The ‘Smart City. Just City.’ initiative will have two phases. In the first phase, five main activities will be undertaken over the course of ten months, with the goal of engaging a wide audience of local governments, civil society groups, and private sector representatives. The findings of the five efforts will be utilized to develop a report that lays out a ‘Smart City, Just City’ policy framework for how cities can utilize smart city techniques to attain a ‘just city’ vision. This report will be presented at a multi-stakeholder convening that will bring together local government representatives, funding organizations, and civil society groups to connect, review and respond to the policy framework, and discuss next steps in implementation.

In the second phase of the project, funding and partnerships will be sought for the development of pilot projects at the municipal level that are grounded in the Smart City Just City policy framework.

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