Using Data to Support Women’s Rights: Property Markets & Housing Rights through a Gender Equity Lens

Resource Library | Authors: Karly Kiefer, Sylvia Luchini, Clothilda Nakimbugwe, and William Endsley | Date: June 2018

This study, carried out by IHC Global and the Association of Real Estate Agents -Uganda (AREA), assesses the core elements of property markets in Uganda and evaluates their effectiveness with a particular view towards women. Utilizing the International Property Market Scorecard methodology as a basis for assessing the six core elements necessary for sustainable property market development— property rights laws and enforcement, access to credit, efficiency of governance, rational dispute resolution, financial transparency, and appropriate regulations— this study delves deeper into how these components affect women in Uganda and the ability of women to ascertain their property rights and participate in property markets. This project was carried out with the understanding that providing women with access to property rights and credit can further economic development and has the potential to have transformational effects on the lives of women, their families, and their communities.