Storytelling: A Powerful Strategy for Increasing Women’s Access to Land and Property in Uganda
 Resource Library | Date: March 2019

World Bank data from 2013 shows that 142 countries have laws granting equal property ownership rights to women and men, and 116 countries have laws providing equal inheritance rights to daughters and sons.  Unfortunately, laws are insufficient.  In Uganda, data from a recent study of property ownership by IHC Global revealed conflicts between customary traditions and statutory laws, coupled with lack of awareness of women’s rights they enshrine.  On September 18, 2018 IHC Global piloted a “theater for development” approach that raised issues about women’s ability to exercise their property rights in an accessible, relatable, and non-confrontational way. A community forum followed the production which allowed audience members to discuss the issues raised. This paper assesses the effectiveness of the pilot through an evaluation of event survey data and key informant interviews.