Homeowners Associations in the Former Soviet Union: Stalled on the Road to Reform

Resource Library | Author Barbara LipmanĀ | Date February 2012

Homeowner Associations (HOAs) were once the bastion of hope for multifamily housing in the former Soviet Union (FSU). However, in the more than twenty years since the Soviet Union broke apart, the number of HOAs remains small and their role insignificant. Post breakup, most countries in the FSU ended up giving away apartments to their occupants, pushing homeownership rates as high as 95 percent. But this was only partial privatization. For the most part, privatization of the common areas of buildings has yet to occur. Apartment owners should be given control of the common areas. Furthermore, apartment owners need to have available to them ongoing, sustained technical assistance in how to form, manage, and operate an HOA, a difficult concept to understand for those not familiar with them.