IHC Global receives grant from the Reaume Foundation

WASHINGTON, DC, June 20, 2018- IHC Global has been awarded a prestigious grant from the Reaume Foundation, a foundation dedicated to improving property markets worldwide, to launch a real estate training program in Ghana and Nigeria. The program’s goal is to increase real estate practitioners’ effectiveness by providing real estate basics and advanced courses over a 12-month period to individuals entering or working in the real estate industry in Ghana and Nigeria in support of the functioning of property markets in those countries.

IHC Global and various partners have over the course of time helped establish and support more than 78 regional and local associations/training institutes, providing real estate courses, developing business plans, strengthening staff capabilities, assisting with marketing and data aggregation systems, teaching courses on advocacy services and more to over 200,000 practitioners. Most recently, in 2017, IHC Global facilitated real estate training courses in Vietnam and Serbia, to 1,000 and 120 participants respectively. IHC Global also has an ongoing partnership program with AREA-Uganda, assessing Ugandan women’s participation in the property market and their access to land rights.

Real estate markets in Ghana and Nigeria have been in a constant state of growth for the past decade, both growing more than 7% in construction and real estate. But the market has seen slower growth than the rest of each country’s economy, both of which are considered to have middle-income status. With this glaring deficit, it is critical that each country’s real estate market be supported and encouraged to expand. IHC Global will be collaborating with the Ghana Real Estate Professionals Association and FIABCI—Nigeria, to implement the following training programs: in Ghana, courses on Codes of Ethics, Accredited Buyers Specialist, and Understanding Global Real Estate Markets; and in Nigeria, courses on Understanding Global Real Estate Markets and Exploring Real Estate Investment. In the long-term, this initiative’s aims to provide knowledge and tools real estate professionals need to generate more income, create jobs, and help bring change conducive to functionable real estate markets.

IHC Global is grateful to the Reaume Foundation for supporting us in the journey to create fair and equitable property markets worldwide. We look forward to implementing these exciting new programs, and ensuring that functioning property markets are a cornerstone in global development.


Rebekah Revello
Communications Officer
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Mobile: (847) 899-6623
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