IHC Global presents at the World Bank Land and Poverty Conference

WASHINGTON, DC, March 23, 2018- This past week was the World Bank’s annual Land and Poverty Conference, which provided an opportunity for over 1,800 global policymakers and practitioners to come together to talk about the latest trends in land governance in an interconnected world. IHC Global was excited to have an active role in the conference, attending many sessions and presenting our own work on advancing women’s property rights in Uganda in a session titled “Creating Momentum for Land Policy Change.” Important points that came up during the conference included using geospatial data to strengthen land governance and planning; utilizing Sustainable Development Goals 1.4 (ensure men and women have equal access to ownership and control over land) and 5a (give women equal access to land ownership) as driving forces to institutionalize gender-disaggregated data and bring about change; and exploring alternative, integrated systems for land registration, taxation, and marketing. On Wednesday, coinciding with the conference was the first Global Surveyor’s Day, which provided a platform for surveyors from around the world to reflect on the importance of adequate and transparent property valuations and share best practices. Altogether the conference was a great success, and participants gleaned knowledge from stakeholders around the world on innovative ways to advance effective and inclusive land governance. 


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