IHC Global merges with International Real Property Foundation

WASHINGTON, DC, May 17, 2017- IHC Global is proud to announce that they will be merging with the International Real Property Foundation (IRPF), an organization that has been dedicated to creating competitive, fair and equitable property markets and equal access to property rights for all citizens worldwide since its inception in 1992.  The merged organization will be known as IHC Global.

The merger was officially announced yesterday at the second annual IHC Global Open Forum, during the National Association of Realtors’ annual conference, by IRPF Chair Joe Hanauer.  In announcing the merger, he said “We are excited about the potential! Bringing together these two complementary and first rate organizations will have an enormous impact on the urban and housing challenges faced around the world!”

The decision to merge comes after careful consideration from both organizations, and represents an exciting new opportunity for both IRPF and IHC Global. With more than half of the world now living in cities and urban communities, sustainable urbanization represents both the major challenge and a significant opportunity of the 21st century. Through joining forces, IHC Global and IRPF will be stronger and better equipped as a merged organization to take on this challenge. The merged organization will have a sharpened focus on how equitable property markets and secure tenure can contribute to global urban sustainability.  IRPF’s expertise in on-the-ground programs and IHC Global’s strength in advocacy and practical solutions will also allow the new organization to put advocacy into action, and cultivate best practices in sustainable, equitable urban development for its coalition members.

The new IHC Global will be led by a Board composed of members of both organizations and initially co-chaired by the former chairs of IRPF and IHC Global, Joe Hanauer and Bob Dubinsky.  Judith Hermanson, CEO of IHC Global, has been tapped to serve as CEO of the new IHC Global.  “This is a tremendous opportunity, and I am grateful to be part of it.  We believe that equitable urban development on a global scale is key to supporting robust emerging markets and sustainable inclusive growth.  It is also critical to overall global stability in this time of unprecedented urbanization.”

As a 50+ member coalition that stands at the nexus of civil society and the private sector, IHC Global will create connections between the two to change cities for good.  “Equitable property markets and equal access to secure tenure are human rights, and embracing them as a key component to successful cities is crucial for the implementation of the New Urban Agenda and SDG 11,” says co-chair Bob Dubinsky.  “I could not be more pleased about this outcome – the merger will integrate complementary international expertise and experience into a single more effective and sustainable organization!”

For any questions related to IRPF or the merger, please email info@ihcglobal.org 


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