IHC Global CEO Judith Hermanson attends UN-Habitat meeting in Nairobi

NAIROBI, KENYA, May 12th, 2017- IHC Global President and CEO Judith Hermanson participated in the UN-Habitat 26th Session of the Governing Council (GC) this week in Nairobi, Kenya, as well as the meetings of the World Urban Campaign (WUC) Steering Committee, where IHC Global is a Lead Partner, and the General Assembly of Partners (GAP) where IHC Global is part of the Civil Society group. The focus of policymakers and urban experts was the implementation of the New Urban Agenda (NUA), during a critical times as UN-Habitat undergoes a review by a UN-appointed High-Level Panel. Preceding the formal meetings of the GC was the High-Level Panel, which included member states and civil society, and consulted with representatives of civil society among others.

During a productive meeting of the WUC Steering Committee, a long range campaign strategy to support the achievement of “The City We Need” that embodies the principles of the NUA was approved. The Executive Director of UN Habitat addressed the GAP Plenary Session and articulated the global imperatives for ensuring that the rapid urbanization now taking place is well managed. This phenomenon will bring with it enormous social and economic change. He thanked civil society for their support of the NUA and urged it to remain engaged. Following his address, the GAP members approved a new constitution that will enable it to continue post-Habitat III.

Throughout the meetings, there was a look forward to the upcoming World Urban Forum (WUF) in 2018, and a view that this reporting period will be critical to implementation. IHC Global is pleased to see movement on the New Urban Agenda, and hopes that championing the NUA and initiatives to advance equitable urban development will remain a priority.


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