IHC Global brings "Global Cities" to the NAR Annual Conference and Expo

CHICAGO, IL, November 3, 2017- IHC Global attended the National Association of Realtors annual conference and expo in Chicago, to engage with a largely private sector audience about urban issues, especially affordable housing. IHC Global held a session, Global Cities: The Key Role of Housing, that built on theme of “housing at the centre” as highlighted in the New Urban Agenda. The event featured a presentation from IHC Global President and CEO Judith Hermanson, and three guest speakers from within the IHC Global membership and network: Habitat for Humanity International Vice President of Global Program Development & Support Steve Weir, Affordable Housing Institute Principal Vidhee Garg, and former NAR President and IHC Global Board member Richard Mendenhall.

Presenters focused on the fundamental importance of affordable housing and fair property markets, and how they will be affected by the exponentially growing urban population. While each presenter brought up the variety of obstacles to achieving global affordable housing, they also discussed the variety of solutions their organizations have developed and implemented to address these issues. IHC Global was glad to have this platform to reinforce that #TheCityWeNeed is affordable, and that effective change in housing policy can happen through collaboration between the private sector, government and civil society. To learn more about this event, visit the blog post recapping the event here.


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