IHC Global and the Wilson Center host second Urban Policy Roundtable in 2017

WASHINGTON, DC, September 15, 2017- IHC Global and the Wilson Center held a roundtable dialogue with Filiep Decorte, Director a.i./Officer-in-Charge of the UN-Habitat New York Liaison Office. The roundtable was attended by U.S. government representatives from the State Department and USAID; and international and civil society organizations, including the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the UN Foundation, Habitat for Humanity International, Research Triangle Institute (RTI), Urban Institute, Cities Alliance, the Ford Foundation, and more. After a presentation from Decorte, attendees discussed the UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting that occurred from September 5-6, and the future of UN-Habitat as the United Nations agency for sustainable urban development.


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