IHC Global and RTI talk the New Urban Agenda in action

WASHINGTON, DC, September 14, 2016- IHC Global was delighted to co-host with RTI and USAID ‘Beyond Habitat III, Urban Equity and Climate Resilience in the New Urban Agenda.’ RTI’s Vice President of Governance and Economic Development Philip Schwehm gave opening remarks and welcomed everyone to the RTI headquarters, where the event was held.

The event was moderated by IHC Global CEO Judith Hermanson and included presentations from RTI International Urban Management Specialist Kara Reeve, who presented research that framed the discussions, as well as ICMA Global Program Management Director David Grossman, USAID Shelter, Settlements and Hazard Mitigation Advisor Charles Setchell, HFHI Director of International Shelter Initiatives Susana Rojas Williams, and USAID Director of Land Tenure and Resource Management Heath Cosgrove. These were followed by a lively panel dialogue withe each presenter and the audience.

Presenters discussed the complex issues cities face, from environmental vulnerability and recovery in the wake of natural disasters to fair housing and effective governance. The panel demonstrated how committed each organization is to implementing the New Urban Agenda and improving cities worldwide.


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