Vic Calandra


Vic Calandra is IHC Global’s accountant and bookkeeper. He is responsible for maintaining all finances and paperwork for the organization and also collects membership dues.

Vic is a self-employed bookkeeper who travels to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area to work with his clients. Previously he was the Operations Director for OMNI Partners and has worked as a Java Trainer for NSC Systems Group Inc. He has worked as a Merchandise Manager for Columbian Emeralds, a Placement Manager for Channel Resources, and an Investment Advisor for PescoPlus. He has also been employed in a variety of positions at the IBM Corporation, specifically in Procurement and Contracts. Vic has a bachelor’s of Business Administration from LaSalle University and a bachelor’s in Business Administration Computer Science from the University of Maryland. He previously lived in MD, FL and VA and currently lives in New Jersey.