Eric Rosenthal


Eric Rosenthal is a (Research Assistant? Intern?) for IHC Global. He is analyzing SDG 11 and localization efforts to make this development goal more achievable for IHC’s coalition members and facilitate better use of resources and skills.

He will be receiving his bachelor’s degree in International Relations from American University in May (or should I just say “received his bachelors”), having focused primarily on environmental sustainability, development, and East Asia. He speaks Mandarin Chinese and French, and has done research using both languages. Prior to his work with IHC Global, Eric worked for the China Global Philanthropy Institute and connected skilled western NGO actors as well as philanthropic supporters to on-the-ground Chinese Civil Society organizations. He also has experience teaching as a Program Associate of the University College program at American University. In this role, he worked closely with professors to educate several living-learning communities in multiple subject areas. After graduation, he hopes to continue working in the NGO world facilitating equitable development around the world.

Eric is also a fan of computers and enjoys building or tinkering with them in his spare time.