IHC Global Participates in UNDP Smart City Training Series

Last month, the United Nations Development Program Center for Technology, Innovation, and Sustainability, Singapore featured IHC Global Program and Policy Coordinator Natalie Gill as the keynote speaker in the virtual event: “Smart City Training Series: How to Ensure Gender Inclusion of Smart City Services.”

Natalie joined Elba Fuster Figuerola, Technical Expert, Smart Cities and Digitalization, UNDP and Verena Flues, Sustainable Mobility Advisor, German Agency for International Cooperation for a discussion of the growing digital divide, especially prominent in developing countries and emerging economies. Natalie spoke about how the promises and perils of smart city technology for women and girls and why stakeholders should revisit the Sustainable Development Goal indicators if they are serious about committing to ensure women gain equal access to and ownership of digital tools and services.

Watch the event below!