Successful Courses for Real Estate Agents in Serbia will continue to be organized by Real Estate Cluster in 2018

by Slavisa Pesic

February 2018– With the support of IHC Global, the Real Estate Cluster in Belgrade organized two courses over Fall 2017 for real estate agents, managers and brokers, where participants had the opportunity to learn about business standards developed by the world’s largest association of Real Estate agents, the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

The instructor for these courses was Dr. Slavisa Pesic, the only instructor for NAR courses in the region of former Yugoslavia, who shared NAR’s knowledge and best practices with participants in a skilled and interesting way.

Two Successful Courses
The first course was successfully completed by agents, managers and brokers from over 50 Real Estate agencies, mostly from Serbia, with some participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The course was designed to present the elements of the real estate system on which the great success of NAR and its members rely. All participants have a goal of presenting the highest levels of service to their clients and doing business with the highest success.

The second course was an Accredited Buyer Representative Course, designed by NAR to enable participants to achieve an official designation that acknowledges their experience and expertise in various real estate sectors. Participants learned how to elevate their skills in conducting consultations with buyers, meeting buyers’ requirements, and leading them through the buying process successfully and efficiently. Those that completed the ABR course successfully will be able to use the official ABR designation as soon as they achieve the other requirements defined by the owner of the course. They will become part of a network of over 30,000 real estate agents worldwide that have earned this designation. This will enable them to help their buyers to purchase property in the other cities and countries as well.

Who can be members of NAR?
One of the most important requirements for earning official NAR designations is that a person must be a member of an association that is affiliated with NAR. In Serbia, that association is the Real Estate Cluster. Members of NAR and of its affiliated associations must abide by a Code of Ethics that defines high standards of professional behavior for members. By adopting the Code of Ethics, brokers and agents commit to applying high standards in their interactions with clients, the public, and colleagues—often standards that are higher than those defined by Law.

The Real Estate Cluster has signed a Contract of Affiliation with NAR, an association that was founded more than one hundred years ago and today has more than 1.2 million members in about 70 countries. Through this affiliation, the members of the Real Estate Cluster of Serbia have the opportunity to become part of an international network of real estate agents and to obtain the knowledge and skills that have developed for decades and that are applied in all countries with NAR members.

These courses will continue to be organized in 2018, and all interested real estate agents and brokers can get information about details of participation on the web site:

This article was originally written in Serbian. Read it here.