PUSH the Film: A Review

From Toronto to Berlin to Seoul:
Shedding light on the global housing crisis



On November 5th, 2019 IHC Global and Global Land Alliance were glad to bring a screening of “PUSH” the film to Washington, DC. PUSH,

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IHC Global World Cities Day Event

Better Cities, Better Lives through Frontier Technology

International urban expert Brian English explains the five hopes and fears tied up in the potential of Smart Cities at an IHC Global/ Dentons Smart Cities and Communities Think Tank event on November
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World Water Week 2019

Women and water: a look at water insecurity in the 1,000 days

 By Gaby Alfieri

This article is the first in the author’s three-part series focusing on urban water, hygiene and sanitation (WASH) and the issue’s relationship to gender inequity.

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Smart City. Just City – Tools for Justice

Justice, noun- the quality of being equitable, of moral righteousness, to uphold the justice of a cause. Smart, adjective- having or showing quick intelligence or ready mental capability. Tool, noun- an instrument of manual operation. Camila Jordan explores the compatibility of these concepts in relation to Rio de Janeiro and New York City. Read More

Land and Property Markets: Changing Perceptions in Nigeria

In the first part of a two-part blog, IHC Global Consultant and Principal of World Citizen Consulting Bill Endsley reflects on the growth, energy and sophistication of Lagos, Nigeria as an emerging economy – and why investors and stakeholders must change their perceptions of Nigeria as they invest in infrastructure development, affordable housing, and real estate markets in the “Century of Africa.” Read More