Sylvia Luchini

Senior Director for Practice, Chicago Office


Sylvia Luchini has over fifteen years of experince designing and implementing economic growth programs including private sector development, financial services, and small and medium-sized real estate enterprises in Eastern Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. As the Managing Director for the International Real Property Foundation, Luchini has been instrumental in the design, implementation and growth of a Ugandan Women’s Program which informs women on secure property rights and supports women’s entrance into the real estate industry. Moreover Luchini has been working with the Center for International Private Enterprise and World Citizen Consulting in the development and strengthening of the International Property Markets Scorecard Methodology—a tool to collect data from 54 different indicators and map the institutional components of property markets and evaluate their effectiveness. As the Grants Manager for DuPage County, Luchini developed a charitable fund for disfranchised residents and made it grow six times from its original giving level.  Luchini holds a MA from North Central College and a BA in English from the Cordoba National University.